Savage Tide

Chapter 10: Into the Abyss Part B: The Pit of Prisoners:

The Pit of Prisoners

Fireseek, CY 614

15th Fireseek, CY 614:

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt made their way to and into the Pit of Prisoners to reach the Wells of Darkness. They were temporarily disoriented and then found themselves in the base of one of these ‘wells’ amidst a heaping pile of rotting flesh. Far above a dim circle of blue light beckoned. However, between them and freedom circled some Chasmes and rummaging through the rot were some ancient abyssal ghouls, neither of whom were rolling out the welcome wagon. When the fight was over the FIVE flew out of this well. The blue light turned out to be a blue sun which cast a dim illumination down upon this vast realm, a vast badlands through which wound a maze of flagstone pathways.

As they pondered which way to go the realization hit them that perhaps they should have inquired as to which well contained Shami. Finally Kaywen decided to consult his knowledge of the planes. He discovered that she was contained within the Well of Debased Eros. Armed with that knowledge Aely was able to find the path. They stayed on the marble flagstone and made their way past a few other wells until they found the one they sought.

Peering in to the Well of Debased Eros they saw it was 40’ wide and about 100’ feet deep. The true nature of the well was obscured by what appeared to be a canopy of trees which took up maybe 70% of the interior. Bryker began to slowly fly down. He was quickly greeted by some rather large simian shaped creatures – gorallons. Rather than attack the knight, they tried to tempt him, seduce him even, through a variety of suggested hand, face, tongue and other body part motions. As sexy and provocative as they were, Bryker chose war over love. He and the others attacked the gorallons and killed them. But, the knight was not without compassion. Once the simians were dead, he honored them by ‘cutting off their dicks and sticking them in their mouths.’ Such kindness, such empathy.



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