Savage Tide

Chapter 10: Into the Abyss Part C: The Overlook

Part C: The Overlook

Fireseek, CY 614

16th Fireseek, CY 614:

They studied the pool. Within it they could sort of see a female form with a green necklace in a once fine but now tattered gown. Somehow both Byrker and Kaywen managed to communicate telepathically with the form. Byrker thought he heard ‘free me.’ When asked how or who they heard ‘I hear his dreams.’ When asked where they heard ‘over look.’

They concluded that perhaps this whole area has a lord of some sort and he might be the one to consult. But who might he be? Twas then they remembered what got them here – the Tooth of Ahazu. Kaywen consulted his knowledge of the planes and came to learn that Ahazu the Seizer was the demon lord of night and abduction but he vanished some time ago. It is commonly held that he is now a prisoner in one of the Wells of Darkness, ironically, as he is credited with creating this realm. Armed with this information Aely set about finding the path to Ahazu. The spell had them retrace their steps where they could now see, off the marble path, a ruined fortress which, ahem, ‘overlooked’ the realm. Flying now, they followed a winding footpath to the top. Their journey was only slightly interrupted by a flock of varrangoin berserkers.

Upon reaching the fortress they found much if it to be in ruins. Only one area remained in any way intact. As they entered each felt a force trying to dissuade it which Kaywen realized was a forbiddance of some sort. Eventually they came to the tower room which was some 80’ in diameter the walls of which were adorned by mural and paintings two of which seemed interesting. But the main eye catcher was the central 40’ area which was a many tiled mosaic – a map of the 73rd layer of the Abyss. When Kaywen gave Aely an up close and personal look at the tiles, her face pushed some of them down. Slowly Kaywen felt the urge to remove the Tooth from his pack. Slowly but surely it, or he, began to sketch a symbol, apparently that of Ahazu in the air and then into the tiles. When it was finished the tiles disappeared send both Aely and Kaywen downward! Luckily each wore a ring of feather fall so it was a pleasant journey . . . Byrker used his boots of levitation and took Kevrey with him. Styvesandt drank a potion of flying and followed. As they descended they could see that the walls of the shaft were gouged and pitted. Several hundred feet bellow ripples glinted the inky black liquid. Thousands of horrifically silent ants clung to the walls.

Once they reached the bottom, settling aside the pool, the Abyssal Ants swarmed. No sooner had they dealt with the insects then they were set upon by three Keepers of Ahazu – varrangoin liches! It took some doing and some real team work to defeat two and drive the third off. Finally they seemed to have the situation under control.



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