Savage Tide

Chapter 10: Part A - To the Abyss

Part A - Red Shroud of Broken Reach

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Chapter 10: Into the Abyss
Part A: Red Shroud of Broken Reach

Fireseek, CY 614

14th Fireseek, CY 614: The group had spent the better part of a month recovering in Farshore. They had welcomed in the New Year. As well, some had perfected new spells, skills, actions; others had improved upon their items. Some had done both. Whyspurr and Styvesandt went off somewhere for about a week. Finally it was time to follow the leads given them by Orgosh the Despoiler. He had told them of Demogorgon’s debauched visits to the Ire with his lover Shami-Amourae. He told them of Demogorgon’s wrath when he discovered that she had found a way to manipulate him. Though Orgosh did not know what this secret was, he did know that Shami-Amourae had been imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness. Orgosh told them to seek out Red Shroud of Broken Reach, as she knew more about Shami-Amourae than anyone alive, or dead. They needed to travel to the Abyss, to the town of Broken Reach, to seek out the one know as Red Shroud.

And so they did.

Kaywen used the various scrying, knowledge and contact skills he had to learn the location of Broken Reach. Broken Reach, as it turned out, sat on the Plain of Infinite Portals, first layer of the Abyss, having been built by a succubus sorceress named Red Shroud, the very person they were looking for. They would have to use magical means to get to Pazunia, since it was on a different plane and the wakeportal would only take them to the Abyssian Ocean. The Sea Wyvern and a grateful Lefty would have to stay in Farshore. It would be up to Aely to plane shift them there.

They arrived in some miles from Broken Reach and then Aely greater teleported them to the outskirts of the town. The outskirts seemed almost ruins but within they found a thriving city within.

Figuring Red Shroud would be among the leading citizens they began seeking out the most luxurious buildings, one of which turned out to be a hotel, the Bloody Fang. When they informed the manager, a demonic presence in a tuxedo, that they were looking for Red Shroud, he suggested they book the Malcanthet Wing for those rooms came with the directions they would need. Escorted to this wing by the demon-hop, they found themselves on the west wing of the next to top floor. The one room they inspected was incredibly well apportioned with just about every luxury one could expect to find. And, sure enough, there was a visitor’s guide to Broken Reach with odd red cape marks upon it.

Before following the guide, they decided to hit the very well equipped market place, ‘manned’ by a variety of creature types. One of the more interesting stalls sold rods for plane shifting, something that should come in very handy at some point. From there the map led them to what at first appeared to be an empty lot. Upon closer inspection a hole with a circular staircase was found. Byrker led the way followed by Styvesandt, and eventually the rest. They went around and down, around and down, for a very long time . . . until they came to a hallway, which, naturally, went around . . . but then quickly opened onto a raised vestibule which contained four female statues. The women depicted was not familiar to them, but was definitely not Shamri-Amourae. Again, around until they came to a red door being guarded by a nalfeshnee who identified himself as Ygrax. When told they had come to speak with Red Shroud he remained silent for a bit and then said, “She will see you now.”

He ushered them into an large room and onto a glass floor. At the other end, on a dais raised some 50’ above, sat a beautiful woman who was obviously the model for the statues seen earlier. One either side of her stood two hezrous. Off to her right was a wispling who would be introduced as Shadowfire. He would prove to be the sidekick/comedian of the show.

Red Shroud introduced herself and asked why they had come. For once the Party took a cautious approach in what they said. “Information,’ was the answer given. Red Shroud made it clear that her time was valuable and costly. She set her talking price at 10,000 gp, in coin, magics, or things of her interest. Rather than haggle or inquire, they handed over the coin. Cautiously they asked about the Wells of Darkness. Red Shroud was in a good mood a volunteered a good deal of information about this area. She told them it was on the 73rd layer of the Abyss, and while there were a number of ways of getting there, one of the easiest was if one had a Tooth of Dahlver-Nar. There began a long discussion, brain racking, and search of belongings for somewhere way back when they thought they might have come across one of them. Finally, after much remembering and thinking, Styvesandt pulled from inside his pants the Tooth of Ahazu, which he had gotten long ago on the Isle of Dread, which would allow them access to this level. Red Shroud explained that the tooth would allow them to enter the Pit of Prisoners which would deposit them on the 73rd level where the Wells of Darkness were. Once they got directions to this pit they thanked her and left.

It was agreed that they would spend the night and head down the pit the next day. While most decided to stay in the Bloody Fang, since they had ponied up 500 gp for the wing, Kaywen made it clear that he would be staying is his Mordenakinen’s Magnificent Mansion. To each his own.



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