Savage Tide

Chapter 12: Prince of Demons Part B:

Part B: Towards Lemoriax and Beyond

Chapter 12: Prince of Demons

Part B: Towards Lemoriax and Beyond

10th Coldeven, CY 614: Nearing Lemoriax, Gaping Maw

Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr followed the Skull King, Quah-Nomag to the outskirts of Lemoriax. Along the way he explained that there was some sort of interdiction zone working against them, blocking their progress. As they studied the situation, they notice a particular camp of the enemy and its similarity to one they had seen before. It clearly resemble the one they had been in where they (thought?) they had formed an allegiance with General Bogromar. “Perhaps it is the camp of his brother, Tetradarian? Aely voiced. Kaywen ‘sent’ a message to Bagromar telling him they would be scrying via the crystal ball. Once they had his visage in sight they told him they were about to launch an attack on his brother. He looked in wonderment because he was, in fact in combat with his brother right now. Apparently Tetradarian was not here therefore. Bagromar suggested that the leader in the camp could be the second in command, War Secretray-General Gromsfed the Drowned. “OK, we’ll assault this one,” but how?

Eventually Skull King, Quah-Nomag agreed to sacrifice 5,000 of his ‘troops’ to serve as a diversion so the heroes could slip in to the camp and get at the command tent. This worked and Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr found themselves in battle with Gromsfed. He put up a good fight but was no match for their superior numbers. Once he was dispatched, this army, the Demon Horde, fell into disarray and it was relatively easy to get nearer to Lemoriax.

Still there was the problem of the interdiction zone. According to Quah-Nomag it was emanating from a temple well within the city. This time he needed a diversion so his troops could get in. It was time to use the Iron Flask of Tuerny, well, that which/who was inside it. Kaywen got a close to the city walls as he deemed safe released Obox-ob, who, sensing the nearness of his greatest enemy, made haste for the city walls and began wreaking havoc. Quah-Nomag assured them he could take it from here and urged the heroes to head for Wat Dagon.

As Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr followed the beach towards Wat Dagon they met Iggwilv, who said it was time to pay the favor they owed her. She wanted the Iron flask of Tuenry. Kaywen demanded an assurance that this would mean their debt was paid in full. Once Iggwilv agreed, he handed over the flask.

As they neared the complex, they could see that the city was defended by a dug in array of foes. Fortunately an Eladrin force arrived to take these on, allowing Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr to get to the main gates of this place.

The wide wooden gates, mouldy with age and banded with corroded metal hung open and inviting. In they went, through a courtyard where they found a pool with a statue of a fat frog like demon. Here they were met by what at first appeared to be Lavinia, who thanked them for their service and mocked them for their stupidity. They soon saw through the deception, however, and eventually General Gorvash, a glabrezu, revealed himself i true form. He showed them what was left of Vanthus, yes, folks, Vanthus. The former brother, then death knight looked like a worm with only his human head to identify him. In the fight that followed this incarnation of Vanthus was crushed by an ice storm. Eventually Gorvash was slain as well.

They proceed further into the complex where they found an arena like, or cathedral like area. It had a massive stone ceiling some 40’ overhead. A magical circle had been inscribed on the floor and in the center of the circle was a small cauldron. Arrows began to rain down on them, shot by some ghastly archers. They were soon joined in the attack by St. Kargoth the Betrayer, the first death knight. Not one for speeches he set to a merciless attack on the party as arrows continued to fall. It took some fireballs to take out the archers, and Aely had the ‘good’ sense to take pity on Kargoth, so she healed him a few times, which, ironically served to hurt him very badly.

For now the situation calmed down. . . . . . .



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