Savage Tide

Chapter 12: Prince of Demons Part C

Part C: Wat Dagon and the Final Encounter

Chapter 12: Prince of Demons

Part C: Wat Dagon and the Final Encounter

10th Coldeven, CY 614: What’s Happening in Wat Dagon

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr followed where Kargoth had come from. They found a partial broken room falling away into the sea. Kaywen detected something invisible floating in one corner. This was Nulonga, an aged sorcerer and a thrall of Demogorgon. As he launched a magical attack, sounds were heard behind them. It seems a search party had caught up with them. Three war ape brutes and Ulu-Thurg, a bar-lgura set upon them. Eventually Nulonga was brought down and slain as were the others. On the ancient one’s body was found an old iron key. They explored the extent of this area but it ended with the sea.

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr headed east now through a winding tunnel and into a steaming room with a rickety wooden pathway. Vison was obscured but by flying they could safely follow the path and reach a door. Kaywen tried the key. While it appeared to fit, the door was quite hot damaging him and threatening the key. When Kevrey and Whyspurr got their they aided him in his efforts with the lock and got the door open.

They had reached the Chamber of the Great One. Much of the area was taken up by murky waters which lapped upon a rocky beach. In the shallows rested an enormous oyster with a blackened and pitted shell, its interior charred as well. Within this shell on a slithering bed of horror and alien flesh rested a huge black pearl, larger than a man’s head that pulsed with black energy in which ghostly, disembodied faces seemed to shriek. A pair of 4’ high wooden stakes with strips of leather hung from their sharpened points protruded from the oily sand on the narrow beach near this monstrous shellfish.

As if sensing their presense, the oyster’s maw snapped shut. Then a body rose up out of the water. No! Could it be? Yes, indeed it was, the body of Vanthus Vanderboren once again! “How many time do we have to kill you?” they all wondered aloud. Before they could react, however, they saw a vision, no, it was real, on the beach. A gate had opened, and a large two-headed ape creature, that whom they knew was Demogorgon, was racing toward them. He hit the beach! But, before the gate could close he was joined by, and passed through by, their ally, Gwynharwyf. One look at Demogorgon was all it took to set poor Whyspurr shaking with abject fear. Byrker boldly moved in to go toe to toe with their greatest foe. Styvesandt, as he been ready to do for a long time, took up a position along a ledge and began shooting with his outsider bane long bow. Aely took on Vanthus; Kaywen did what he could to protect one and all.

In the battle that followed, Demogorgon tried to dispel the magic protections that the party enjoyed, eventually taking some of them away. One of his attacks weakened Kevrey to the point where he could do little to hurt him. Demogorgon summoned a balor which took on Gwynharwyf. The brave and resourceful eladrin eventually took it down, only to have it explode and damaged everyone in the party. Aely slowly overcame this incarnation of Vanthus only to be set upon by another old foe, Cyralaine, the centaur. Meanwhile Byrker and Styvesandt stuck with their assault upon the Great One. Each time they seemed to have him weakened, however, he was able to heal himself and continue. Aely defeated Cyralaine, only to now be joined by the maralith, Lillianth. When Aely left her to help the others against Demogorgon, Lillianth unleashed one of her famous blade barriers which separated some from her master. Those who cold continued to attack Demogorgon. Once again they could sense they he was severely wounded. This time, however, he did not get a chance to heal. As a final blow was dealt, a nimbus formed around his heads resembling two crowns of dark energy. They merged into one single crown, and as the towering demon lord crumbles to the ground, his dying roar echoed out from Wat Dagon and into both Gaping Maw and the Shadowsea – a beacon to all who lusted for power. The maralith, Lillianth, made a hasty retreat, perhaps hoping to gain the crown herself.

As the party took stock of their situation, now in possession of the giant master shadow pearl they became aware of the pretense of Iggwilv. She approached the Great One’s remains, opened her Iron Flask of Tuerny and gathered what she could. Bidding them a smirk and a final farewell, she, too left.

It seemed their quest was at an end, but what to do with this master pearl? Gwynharwyf, soon joined by Celeste, suggested that the pearl could be safely disposed of in the Fountain of Beauty in their Court of Stars. Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr accompanied them there. When the pearl was placed in the fountain it crackled and smoked and seemed ready to burst. Then, just as suddenly it turned white and brittle, the consistency of chalk.

The eladrin then made sure the party got home to Farshore safely; assuring them they were always welcome in the Court of Stars.

“I’m going to try to get as far away from this place as I can,” proclaimed Kaywen.

“I’m going to stay by your side, Buddy,” assured Aely.

“I’m going to change my pants and then get stinking drunk,” said Whyspurr.

“I’m with you, little guy. Well, not the pants thing, but the drunk thing, that sounds good,” said Kevrey.

“I’m going to ask Lavinia to marry me,” said Byrker.

“I’m still hoping to find my parents,” lamented Styvesandt.




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