Savage Tide

Chapter Nine: Part A - Into the Maw

The Abyssinian Ocean

Chapter 9: Part A – Into the Maw

Sunsebb, CY 613

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr spent some time after the defeat of the Scuttlecove Crimson Fleet to rest, recuperate, and improve their items, as they planned the next steps of their actions. For one, there was the still existing need to locate and rescue Lavinia. Second, there was, yet again, the need to vanquish her seemingly immortal brother, Vanthus. And, of course, there was the fate of the world at stake with the many shadow pearls that were out there somewhere.

While they could visit the 36 cities where the pearls had been delivered in some fantasy of locating and recovering all of them before whatever evil plan Vanthus or whomever had in store, the more reasonable approach seemed to be to follow the lead of going into the Abyss. This was confirmed by having Aely commune with the higher powers. So, sometime in early Sunsebb, CY 613 , the Sea Wyvern, equipped with the wakeportal and no crew, went where few have gone before – into the Maw!

8th Sunsebb, 613: Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Whyspurr, using the wakeportal they had acquired from the Crimson Fleet, set ‘sail’ for the Abyssinian Ocean. They soon found themselves on a vast ocean with little knowledge of where they were, as few maps, OK no maps, of it exist. But, with Aely’s use of ‘find the path,’ Kaywen was able to set a course for the Gaping Maw. Along the way they encountered another vessels, the Sapphire Griffon. It turned out to be an interplannar merchant shipped manned by some 9 feet tall, blue skinned humanoids, mercanes, and their tieffling crew. They offered to supply the party with just about any item one could name. After this encounter Kaywen took the Sea Wyvern under water. Using some directions they paid the mercanes for they found their way to the Gaping Maw. Once they had managed to survive the difficulties of the entry, they looked for, and eventually found the island of Divided’s Ire, where the mercanes had told them a prison did exist.

8th Sunsebb, 613: The Sea Wyvern passed along the south and east coast of the island. It seemed more like two island the western of which appeared to be a volcano. As they rounded the eastern coast the spotted the Crimson Scar, the ship that had belonged to Captain Whyther, but had been taken by Vanthus. The found a more secluded cove where the anchored the Sea Wyvern. From there they dimension doored to the Crimson Scar. They found this ship in good order, just completely deserted. Taking a route through the jungle they headed towards the massive building that was the prison. They approached the only visible entrance to the building under the cover of invisibility.

Kaywen sensed a strong domelike magical presence around the outside of the building and he realized that magic transport in and out would not be possible. Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt began their exploration of the prison. Directly inside the saw a crevasse and a wall. Rather than challenge this area, they headed north thru the maze of cells, many cubes suspended one foot from the floor by a thick adamantine chain that hung from the ceiling. The cells contained a myriad of denizens from the various planes. They made their way around the cells, opening some locked doors which revealed torture rooms, until they came to a long corridor. In a row along the center were four twelve-foot-tall iron statues of armored demonic warriors. Braziers spewed smokeless green flames hung from the ceiling between the statues, shed a sickly light. Atop at least two of these statues were Babaus demons which approached and attacked them. Unnoticed at this time, two others fled off somewhere. . . . . .



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