Savage Tide

Chapter Nine: Part B - The Prison of Divided's Ire

Eventually they found themselves in a large room with many more Hezrous and one rather huge creature which had four arms, all of them armed. He quickly reversed gravity on them. Eventually they got down and got out of there.

They tried the other side of the main area where many crevasses were. They met an interesting red woman who identified herself as S’Sharra. Later they were accosted by a flock of vrocks and a huge Lemorian Golem. After this battle they retreated to the Sea Wyvern to rethink things.

9th – 14th Sunsebb, 613

The next day they returned to deal with Kulubax. This time they were ready for the ceiling trip and defeated him and his minions.

They continued through some buildings, one of which contained the ubiquitous statue of Demogorgon. They reached the western wall of the prison and found two massive iron doors beyond which opened to the river, the volcano, and the other section of the prison. Through this door a wide stone bridge stretched across the gap between the islands. At twenty foot intervals on either side stood stone statues of robed women, their hands extended down to the sea as if beseeching someone for help. Their stony eyes dripped blood. To their north they could see a wide balcony on which three large gargoyle like creatures with powerful bat wings and green skin stood watching. Each had four powerful arms and vaguely canine heads with horns and small webbed ears. Across the divide were three perches on which sat lanky demons with bat like wings, gargoyle like heads with glowing yellow eyes and great mouths filled with fangs, and leathery black and gray skin. The party began to cross under the cloak of invisibility. About halfway their, they were certain that both groups were watching them, but neither took any action. The volcano occasionally flared up as well.

Across and through more massive doors, they entered the room of the shrieking pillars. This oddly shaped chamber featured many open doors which simply led to empty dusty rooms. A single pillar of iron rose up from the floor to the ceiling overhead, its surface studded with countless hooks and barbs. Stretched over these hooks were dozens of faces, seemingly skinned from the heads of men and women and affixed inside out in an overlapping pattern of flesh over much of the pillar. A grating endless shriek wailed from horridly from the faces, and their eyelids and lips twitched and writhed as if in immense pain.

Beyond they came to a hallway at the south end of which stood two angelic like creatures, each with a trumpet. These two greeted them with, “Hail heroes, and behold the kingdom of Saureya. What errand beings you to this forlorn land?” After some talk, these two told of their own fall from grace and their long suffering and hopeless future here. As things seemed to go well, they led the four to the throne room where Saureya waited. Pale white steps with cracks led up to a large , Y shaped, hall. On either side of the room were statues fo angelic like beings bent double from their suffering, one arm shielding their faces, the other thrown up as if to ward away some terrible evil. At the far end of this room was a throne, pooled around which was slick crimson blood. Seated on the throne was a beautiful man with silvery hair. Faint tattoos, almost like scars, crisscrossed his flesh, making it seem like he was assembled from pieces. Rising up from his back were gory stumps that were likely once his wings. They gazed upon the creature, likely a fallen angel. They approached him in a friendly manner. The creature identified himself as Saureya, an astral deva, and told his story of hideous failure. After a bit, he even asked them to kill him.

Deeper on this side they came into an odd village of sorts surrounded by spirits of the dead. They met one who called himself Orgosh, a lich. He promised to tell them what they might do next if only they would rid the place of Vanthus.

They continued their search for Lavinia. It led them across the cauldron and into some rather filthy areas where they met and dealt with kelubar demondans, filth demons, and the leader of this area, Belshamoth, with whom they negotiated passage.

Later they headed south into an better area. In one very well apportioned room they encountered a cowering gnome, Nurt, who told of being held captive by Lillianth. Byrker promised to return for him, but that promise would be broken. In another hall area came upon some more Hezrous. The party found itself in a very difficult battle with these Hezrous and the one known as Lillianth. It took some time to finally drive them off. In the course of the fight, Byrker had spotted Lavinia suspended in a cage over a lava pit, as had been forseen in Aely’s divination some time before. Once this battle ended she was rescued.

Lavinia was willing to go back to the Sea Wyvern for the night but insisted on accompanying them to kill he brother the next day. They opened the Southern doors and saw a stone bridge across the major lava sea leading to an island encampment. As Byrker began across the bridge, he was greeted by a half dozen Shadows of Socothbenoth, shadow demons, whose incorporeal form still allowed them to rip with their vile claws. Once these had been defeated, the they crossed the bridge and entered a room on the small island which contained a pile of dead bodies. Unfortunately, this pile also contained many undead bodies, those of Dread Wraiths. Once the Wraiths were dealt they proceeded to the next room where, at long last, found Vanthus. In what proved to be a rather anti-climactic battle, Kaywen disintegrated Vanthus before the now death night could do much more than hurl a few insults.

With Vanthus dead and Lavinia rescued, they recalled that they had made a deal with Orgosh the Despoiler, he of the moaning region, to return with proof of Vanthus’ demise. He then told them of Demogorgon’s debauched visits to the Ire with his lover Shami-Amourae. He told them of Demogorgon’s wrath when he discovered that she had found a way to manipulate him. Though Orgosh did not know what this secret was, he did know that Shami-Amourae had been imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness. Orgosh told them to seek out Red Shroud of Broken Reach, in the Abyss, as he knew more about Shami-Amourae than anyone alive, or dead.

It was at this point the party bid found and final adieu to Divided’s Ire. They returned to their ship and used the wakeportal to return to the real world and Farshore for now.

Thus endeth Chapter Nine of the Savage Tides Journal.



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