Savage Tide

On the Isle of Dread Part One

Chapter Four: The Isle of Dread

Part One: Awakening

26th Wealsun, 612 The Isle in sight!

And so it came to pass, after sailing for some 84 days, the end was in sight. The northeastern portion of the Isle of Dread was sighted! Unfortunately, that good weather which had blessed the journey except for one brief interruption until now, turned. A major storm overcame the poor ship, and Amella did all she could to keep the ship on some sort of course. The Sea Wyvern came aground on Masher Reef, lair of giant worms knows as Mashers. For those who thought them mere rumors, one welled up and attacked! No sooner had it been defeated then another, as the waves continued to wash over the helpless ship, appeared. Amella finally did manage to get the ship off the reef, but the Sea Wyvern was taking on water faster than all hands could bail. The decision was made to abandon ship, each to his own devices trying for land with all that could be salvaged.

The cold dark sea rushed up to meet the survivors, and in a cacophonous roar of wave and ruin, all went dark . . . .

27th Wealsun, 612 Morning has Broken

. . . gradually each came awake on the beach and began taking stock of their situation. Most of the ship’s crew had been lost, and the ship was some 200 yards off shore listing completely to one side the main mast stuck in a sand bar nearby. Even from this distance Amella could tell that it could not be repaired now. “Maybe if we reach Farshore we can come back with proper salvage equipment and raise her.” Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Remnil, and Styvesandt had survived as had Whyspurr, Tavey, Urol Ferol the druid and his pet crow, and one of Aely’s acolytes. As they made plans to salvage whatever supplies they could from the beach, the sea and the ship, a voice rung out. There was one more survivor. Avner Meravanchi had clung to some flotsam and was dragging himself to the shore, complaining all the while about the terrible job of sailing that Amella had done. His horse came trotting up the beach as well.

They spent the rest of this day gathering what supplies they could from the wreck and fending off first a T-Rex and later a flock of Terror Birds. Urol and Amella consulted as to their location. Urol was reasonably acquainted with the Isle, so he could estimate where they were with some accuracy. His rudimentary map explained that they were on the north east of the main Isle of Dread. Their destination, Farshore, was on a small isle off the southern coast. They would have to traverse the eastern coast of the main isle, through some jungle but mostly mountains, till the hit a narrow area that led to an archipelago. From there they would have to cross some water to get to Farshore.

28th Wealsun, 612 Heading South on the Isle of Dread

Early the next morning, Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, Remnil, and Styvesandt and the other known survivors, set out. Urol took them through a jungle area, one in which there was a large depression from some unexplained event well in the past. During this trek, they encountered a young Diplodocus being chased by some Terror birds but decided to let nature take its course. Later they came upon an Olman ruin. There they met an old ‘woman’ named Lithira, who spoke Sylvan. She also warned them, “Four eyes have gazed upon you and their servant seeks you out.” She told of the Dark Mountain Pass nearby that might help them in their journey by saving a climb up the mountains. Cautioning that some ‘hungry birds’ nest near its opening.

When this conversation ended, Lithiria ‘transformed’ into a spider of sorts and scuttled away. It was decided to make camp on the edge of these ruins for the night.

. . . . . . . . .



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