Styvesandt Thorpe

Styvesandt stands 5' 8" with light brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Styvesandt Thorpe CR 8

Male Human, Ranger 8
CG Medium Humanoid; 5’/8’
Init 4; Senses Listen/Spot +11
Languages: Common, Reptile
AC 22[2 weapon]/21/20 [bow] T 14 FF 18 [
1 Chain Shirt, 1 ring, Buckler, +4 Dex]
HD 8d8
16; hp 68;
Fort 8, Ref +10, Will +3;
Spd 30 ft/x4;
Melee +13/
8 1 Composite Longbow [2 Str] (1d8+32PB]/x3)
8 1 Rapier (1d63/18-20/x2)
13/8 1 Short Sword (1d63/19-20/x2)

Two Weapon: 11/6 1 Short Sword (1d63/19-20/x2) and 11/6 1 Rapier (1d63/18-20/x2)

Base Atk 8/3; Grp 10
Abilities Str 14*(
2), Dex 18(4), Con 14(2), Int 12(1), Wis 12(1), Cha 12(+1);

SA: Favored enemy: Reptilian 4*; Aquatic +2* [*Bluff, L/S, Sense Motive, Survival, Weapon Damage]; Spells (1st: 11) Swift tracker, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride

Feats: Endurance, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Track, Two Weapon Defense, Weapon Finesse

Skills: Balance 8, Climb +3, Handle Animal +11, Heal +5, Jump +7, Knowledge (Geography) +2, Knowledge (nature) +14, Listen/Spot +11, Move Silently/Hide +11, Profession (Hunter) +4, Search +6,(2 Survival Tracking), Survival 11(13 track?Above Ground), Swim +24 Tumble +8.

Possessions: 1 Composite Long Bow(2 Str),<?i> Quiver, 1 Short Sword, +1 Rapier, +1 Chain Shirt, +1 Ring of Protection, Cloak of the Manta Ray [in salt water: +3 natural armor, breathe under water, Sw 60’; +13 tail spine [1d63], Buckler. *Gauntlets of Ogre Power(+2 Str = 14). Backpack: rations, oils, wet stone, bedroll. MW Potion Belt: Potion: Blur, Cure Light x4. 10,227gp


Styvesandt is a bit of a loner. He makes a reasonable living by hunting and trapping beyond the environs of Sasserine. He will work for the local authorities when it suits his fancy and the price is right. He has an intimate knowledge of the sewers below the city as he has gone down and found dangerous creature lucking there, and on one occasion recovered a lost child. He is aware that some animal smuggling is going on, but for now does not know who is behind it. He can often be found in the Merchant District near the animal stalls, watching and listening.

Styvesandt is not native to Sasserine. He hails from ‘up north,’ the Welkwood Forest to be exact. In Readying, 612 he met Aely, Kevrey and Kaywin in Sasserine. Telling only that he was looking for someone named ‘Mallory’ who was rumored to be ‘in the area,’ and with their ‘promise’ that they might help him, he joined them for now.

Styvesandt Thorpe

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