Savage Tide

Chapter 10: Into the Abyss Part D: Contacting Ahazu

Freeing Shami-Amourae

Fireseek, CY 614

16th Fireseek, CY 614:

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Styvesandt and Whyspurr searched the area. They found a rather unorganized, yet very full, library. Most of the books were on the mysteries of the Abyss with a particular focus on dead and forgotten demon lords. Among these texts were a couple of special finds. For one, there was the collection of spell books which once belonged to Ulricon the Necromancer. Inside a blank tome, hidden in a cut out section, Whyspurr found an amulet which turned out to be an amulet of the planes. But the piece de resistance was a large closed tome sitting almost casually on a lectern – a copy of the Demonomicon of Iggwilv!

Once Kaywen got over the urge to set about studying these immediately, they decided to attempt to communicate with Ahazu in the black inky pool. They could see a dark skinned naked humanoid shape with bat like wings, an elongated head, and long, thin arms. ‘Must be him,’ they hoped. Kaywen dared to touch the pool. A voice in his head asked, ‘Why are you here?’ After some back and forth, well, lots of back and forth, it became clear that Ahazu was a hard bargainer. The best offer they could get was his agreement to show them how to free Shami-Amourae in return for their putting the Tooth of Ahazu in the pool now and then refilling the Well of Debased Eros with a creature of equal value within 66 days. There being NO choice at this point, they agreed to the deal knowing that if they failed in their part of the bargain, their souls would be lost forever. Once agreed to, Kaywen put the tooth in this pool. Shortly after a mist arose engulfing his hands until he felt something heavy within them. As the mist dissipated he found he was holding what appeared to be a Book of Infinite Spells opened to a page which contained the freedom spell. ‘Read it at the edge of her pool and she will be freed.’ The voice of Ahazu chuckled ominously and fell silent.

They spent the night in a magic mansion contemplating their options.

17th Fireseek, CY 614: [65 days]

They thought about trying to get a replacement before freeing Shami. Attempts to find those powerful adversaries they had failed to fell in Divided’s Ire proved fruitless, so they decided to go to the Well of Debased Eros and read the spell. They developed a plan whereby they would free Shami while still keeping her captive. Once they got what they wanted from her, they would put her back in the well. Hmmmm. . . .

They flew down to the bottom of the Well of Debased Eros. The Simian creatures were gone but hovering over the pool was a very large spider like creature, which looked like a very large retriever. When it was prodded by Byrker, it attempted to petrify him. It did its best to keep them from the pool but eventually they destroyed it. Then Aely began casting a binding spell and just as it resolved, Kaywen read the freedom spell. As he finished, the page turned and the book was empty. Momentarily Shami-Amourae rose from the inky liquid, breathed in the air, smiled at them and then just as suddenly jerked in horror, her eyes bulging, her tongue sticking out. A voice declared, “You shall not have this prize! I shall use her to destroy your bodies, and I shall send your souls back to Shattered night forever.” That green necklace that had been around her neck proved to be a chokesnake which had taken over her powers. It quickly stunned Whyspurr, but before it could do much more Byrker and Styvesandt killed it with some very carefully aimed attacks.

Shami-Amourae, in all her seductive beauty stood before them. She quickly realized that though she was out of the liquid she was till bound here. She made it clear that no information would be forthcoming unless she was first guaranteed her freedom. Again, since there was little choice in this matter, the party agreed. They flew together out of the well. There they talked. They asked her about her former lover Demongorgon and his weaknesses. She explained that he was his own worst enemy. She had often played his two heads against each other. In fact, she explained how each head, Aameul the right one and Hethradiah the left one were actually plotting against the other. It was Hethradiah that was behind the shadow pearls and the savage tide. Each was vying for control of the demon lord. After explaining this, she suggested, “Each situation he faces brings two reactions, no one. And when faced with multiple dangers across multiple fronts, these reactions can paralyze him.” She mused about what might happen if Demogorgon was faced with a large scale invasion of Gaping Maw by armies of multiple enemies at once. She made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with this plan, however. She needed time to disappear and to rebuild her own force. "But if you feel suicidal, I’d suggest consulting with someone who knows more than I do about the Abyss. Someone like that tart, Iggwilv, perhaps?”

A few more questions were asked and answered until it was agreed that she had fulfilled her part of their bargain and she was free to go. Just as she was about to take her leave, however, a torrent of dark water cascaded from the sky, as if a great waterfall had suddenly appeared in the heavens. The water engulfed most of them save her and Styvesandt. Shami began to fly away while Aely, Byrker, Kaywen and Whyspurr floundered about, almost being pushed back into the well. Finally the water stopped pouring, though a major lake had been created. Emerging from the mist and vapor churning up from the turbid dark waters was a long skiff propelled along the water’s surface by a gaunt hooded dark figure. As it approached an almost palpable aura of menace preceded him. “What have you done to my river????” its deep throat-ed voice demanded to know. Charon, Boatman of the River Styx, faced them, and he was NOT a happy camper.

. . . . . .Thus endeth the Tenth chapter of the Savage Tide . . .



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