Savage Tide

Chapter Six (cont): Part 5: Caer Garrion [A]

8th Ready’reat CY 612: North Olman Isle

The trip from Fort Thunder to Caer Garrion took about a week. Following the course set by Arn Galter beforehand, his captain and crew got the heroes to the destination without a hitch. By mid-day they had rounded the southern edge of the isle and found the inlet where the village lay. They could see the beach with some boats at a dock, some other small skiffs on shore, the tree line beyond and could make out some structures beyond the trees. But, there was not one person in sight. The captain explained that he would anchor offshore and send the Five to the beach in a long boat rowed by two of the crew. When they needed to be picked up they had but to signal the ship and the rowers would return.

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt boarded the longboat and kept careful watch as they neared the shore. Once there they made a search of the beach and the one barn like structure that was on it. The boats seemed in good condition with poles and nets that suggested a fishing operation, the building appeared to be a storage facility for the boats and supplies needed for fishing. From shore they could better see through the trees and clearly made out the village – a number of buildings with a low stone wall separating them from the beach area. But, still no signs of life to be found.

They made their way thought he trees and entered the village – about twenty buildings – through the open main gates. They immediately spotted a huge pit at the bottom of which lay a female person seemingly dead. Byrker was lowered down and confirmed that it was an old woman with a broken neck. The area around the pit showed signs of foot traffic leaving the village. Moving in through some of the buildings they were ambushed by some ogre types – verbeegs – who were in the process of looting the houses and stores. In the midst of the fight, Kawyen spotted a horse like creature, perhaps a centaur, rise up from beyond the fray and fly north up a hill. Once the verbeegs were dealt with, they continued the search of the buildings, following a stream of smoke rising from the southern section. They came to the constabulary and entered. Inside they found the source of the smoke – an ever burning fire in the stove. IN one of the jail cells they encountered a man, a moaning whimpering, crying man who had bleed from his ears. Magical healing made him a bit more sensible as he repeated his mantra of ‘darkness bringing on the songs of sadness beyond reason’ over and over. When let out of the cell he made for the village gates and would likely have fallen in the pit had Aely not tackled him. He was put back in the cell for his own safety.

No other signs of life were found.

Styvesandt mentioned that he had seen tracks back at the village gates which led towards the hill beyond the village so they decided to follow them. As they reached the base of the hill Styvesandt noted that the tracks split in two directions. While some of them did follow the winding narrow path that led up the hill, others turned right and headed north. These tracks had been met by some coming from the north. As well, they found some shackles and some indication that someone had attempted to cover these tracks but had done a poor job of it. Kaywen flew up to scout out the top of the hill. He saw a grove of dear trees, a verbeegs cooking over a fire near a pond and many dead people with faces frozen in terror.

For now the FIVE decided to head north as the shackles put the idea of slavers in their minds. The dead people on the hill top were not going anywhere soon.

They followed the tacks north, using groves of tress as cover, for about two miles. From this vantage point they could see another inlet where two large ships lay at anchor near shore. They had not seen this from their earlier entry point due to a peninsula which stretched out into the bay. There appeared to be a building out on it. They also saw some tents on the beach and some armored men moving about. The ships flew the flag of the Sea Princes. Convinced that these people were slavers it was decided to sneak up to and attack the ship. They made their way east to the beach to the tune of some baying hounds where Aely cast water breathing on them so they could make their way around the peninsula unseen.

They approached and boarded the larger warship from the rear and proceeded to fight with and pretty much kill any who got in there way. When the armored men from the beach tried to stop them, they killed them as well.

By 8 PM they had control of the situation. The opposition was dead, including a female cleric of Procan, except for two soldiers taken prisoner, and one who had been sent to another plain of existence, and the ship with its ‘slaves’ – what sounded like a large group of moaning and whimpering slaves – in the galley at their disposal.

Chapter Six (cont): Part 4: Returning from White Plume Mountain

Part Four: Returning from White Plume Mountain

21st – 26th Patchwall, CY 612: Sasserine

The FIVE spent about a week in Sasserine. Aely visited the Azure Cathedral where she made inquiries about her newly gained trident, Wave. According to Kaywen, certain rituals would have to be performed in order to unlock the weapons full powers. The clerics at the cathedral preached patience, after offering to purchase the weapon, suggesting that Aely were indeed meant to have such a weapon, the time and opportunities would present themselves to empower it.

Kawyen made stops at the Witchwardens and the Temple of Wee Jas, to made inquiries about the future of Blackrazor. In both instances, he was offered a goodly sum of gold for the weapon. Then the advice came. Both offered to keep the weapon in their establishment for safekeeping; both warned that it would be dangerous to keep the weapon on his person; both suggested that Kaywen might find another suitable safe repository for the weapon. In the Temple, however, the aged Mother Superior, Annab Teranaki suggested that the weapon, though inherently evil, might be made to serve the cause of good. Kaywen left Blackrazor with them for now while he pondered that final riddle.

They all went to the Seekers Lodge where they turned over Whelm to Riikan Daak and received the 5,000 gp he had promised. He offered to by the others, but was refused.

When they visited the docks, they saw signs which advertised the ‘new and improved colony of Farshore’ with two ships waiting to set sail and many future settlers already on board. Kevrey seized upon the idea of opening and inn to accommodate the new arrivals. Both Styvesandt and Byrker became small partners in this venture. Kevrey made the rounds of the inn in Sasserine and recruited a manager for his establishment, one Artemus Buttwyller, formerly of the Vibrant Village of Chatwin.

27th- 28th Patchwall, CY 612: Farshore

Anxious to get the new inn, to be named the Olman Inn, started, Aely teleported Kevrey and Artemus to Farshore where they consulted with Lavinia. She was delighted to learn that the recruitment of new settlers was going well, and helped them select a site for this new inn somewhere near the docks. Artemus was left in charge of supervising the conversion of some old buildings with the help of the new carpenter. Aely then took Kevrey to Fort Thunder and eventually got the others there as well.

2nd Ready’reat CY 612: Fort Thunder

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt visited with Arn Galter once again. They stated their readiness to undertake the mission he had told them about weeks earlier. He told them that problem had been solved.

Cryptically, he said to Styvesandt, ‘He was here and took care of it.”

Styvesandt seemed surprised, “He was here. How is he?”

“Fine,” was Arn’s reply. The others just sat mum.

Arn said that he had another matter he needed looking in to. It seems he has many iron in the fire, one of which has to do with silver deposits on an island east of Fort Thunder. Arn had sent and expedition there over a year ago and some silver had already been brought to fort Thunder. But, of late he had had no word of, nor deliveries from, his settlement of Caer Garrion. He asked them if they investigate. He would supply a ship and crew to get them there. The FIVE agreed to this request.

As they were leaving, Arn took Styvesandt aside, saying, “He left something for you.” He handed the young ranger a long sword in a fine leather sheath. The pommel of the sword was carved in a tree motif.

Styvesandt asked, “Is that Willow?”

Arn said, “He felt it was time for you to have it.”

Styvesandt took the weapon for his own. He then announced his intention to head to the Dockside Arms for some drinking and celebrating and invited the others along as his guests. They spent the evening in sometimes loud reverie getting ready for the upcoming trip to Caer Garrion.

Chapter Six (cont): Part 3: In White Plume Mountain
Part Three: Encounters in White Plume Mountain

18th Patchwall, CY 612 White Plume Mountain

After solving another riddle, Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt took the northern passage which brought them through ankle to knee deep water and various challenges until the enter a huge steamy cave kept that way by what appeared to be a bubble of sorts. Here they were set upon by some rather huge crabs, which proved to be very tasty when finally defeated. The party also found the legendary weapon, Wave.

19th Patchwall, CY 612 White Plume Mountain

Another day, another riddle, this one being more challenging, and they headed east this time, through various challenges until they met Centmir who held the great hammer, Whelm. After a bit of a tussle he was willing to give it up as well. This time on their way out the noticed that Etrusca was no longer on the pedestal. Perhaps the taking of the three weapon had freed her of her obligation to Keraptis? But, as they tried to leave they were met by what appeared to be two Efreetis who invited them to an audience with their master, Keraptis. Rather than accept the offer, they let their weapons do the talking and defeated these last guardians. They made camp just outside the mountain and discussed their plans for the future. Consensus had it that they should first head to Sasserine to sell some loot and fulfill their obligation of Whelm to Riikan Dahl, and then to see what some trusted organizations might have to say about the disposition of Blackrazor. After that they planned to at communicate with Lavinia in some way and then go to Fort Thunder to help Arn Galter with his trade problem.

Chapter Six (cont):To White Plume Mountain

Part Two: Getting There is Half the Fun

14th Patchwall, CY 612 Fort Thunder

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey told Lavinia of their planned journey to the Bandit Lands. She wished them well, adding, “I hope you can find something of unique value cause we just might need it.”

Taking Styvesandt with them, Aely got them to Fort Thunder. From there it became the young ranger’s show. Styvesandt took them back to the mansion of Arn Galter, who was not his father, just an older friend. Styvesandt vouched for their trustworthiness, and Arn took him at his word. Arn told them he had received a message for them. He unfolded a parchment which was a detailed map of the area around the Rift Canyon. “This arrived from Sasserine,” he explained, “from one Riikan Dack.” Once they had time to study it, he took them to an area north west of the village where he showed them a strange obelisk to which he referred as the ‘Needle.’ Made of some strange stone like material and about 25’ in diameter and 50’ high, it had odd marking on the outside with a door that did not open, but allowed each to somehow pass through. Inside, it had even more marking almost all of which defied Kaywen’s ability to decipher script, read languages, whatever. About the only symbol recognizable was what appeared to be an etching of a large tree, perhaps an oak.

Styvesandt looked at the others as if expecting some questions, but none were forthcoming. ‘Trusting souls,’ he thought. He instructed them to hold hands. Once this simple request had been somehow mastered, he touched the tree symbol with his free hand. They could see the symbol depress slightly and then . . . . . . they found themselves floating, disoriented and then confined till each felt a jerk on the arm and . . . POP! they were in a grove of trees standing outside a giant oak tree.

14th Patchwall, CY 612 Welkwood Forest

Styvesandt allowed them to gather themselves while he studies the map of the location of the mountain. Deciding that the area in question was mostly north east, he went to a cistern north of the oak and took a cone from it. Returning to the tree he once again instructed all to hold hands and preparer to enter the tree, though no door was visible. He made a brief prayer, “Mother show me the way,” and step through or into the tree taking the others along. Again they felt as if they were flying . . . . until they found themselves on the barren plains of what they thought were the Bandit Lands. To their north they could see a mountain with wisps of white smoke coming from its peak. “This must be the place.”

16th Patchwall, CY 612 Bandit Lands

Before trekking to the mountain, Styvesandt took Aely’s crowbar and drove in into the ground along with the cone. “This is our exit point. Even without me you can get back to the oak if you take the cone and grasp this bar as a grounding point,” he said simply. Again, he acted as if he expected someone, anyone to ask something, but . . . .

They headed north to the mountain. As they got within good sight range, they spotted some life forms on the ridges on the mountain. They could also see what appeared to be an cave like entry point. As they approached it, the beings above turned out to be giants, rock throwing stone giants, who were none too pleased at their presence or their desire to enter. After some careful ‘negotiations’ in which a few of the giants were killed, the party was able to enter the cave.

Once inside they quickly realized this was no ordinary cave. They found a rusty metal staircase which led down into warm, humid darkness. Once at the bottom they found a stone passage which brought them in contact with Etrusca, a gynosphinx, who claimed guardianship of this dungeon. A polite conversation ensued in which she explained that she guarded the area for one she called Keraptis, and though she did not seem happy with her role, she did take it seriously. She explained that there were three main passages and that the entrance to each was trapped. However, should the party be able to answer a riddle, she would remove the trap to a particular passage. She barely got the beginning of the riddle out when Aely blurted out what turned out to be the right answer. And so Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt began their exploration and search.

While Etrusca had indeed quelled the symbol trap they soon realized that there were a few others along their way. There was a pit trap, a heat trap, water filled chambers, an attack by undead, and false walls to deal with. At one point Styvesandt became enthralled by the song of a harpy! And then they came to the ‘floating river,’ for indeed it appeared that a river ran through the room some 5’ off the ground. The only optioned seemed to be to use the wooded rafts and just dive in. One by one they did so. The route took them trough darkness until each emerged in a room where some humans with nets awaited. SIR BLUTO SANS PITE and his fellow rogues set upon the party, but eventually the party prevailed. This room seemed to dead end until Whyspurr found the secret door and Byrker, Kaywen, and Styvesandt continued down a narrow passage to yet another hidden door. In both cases Bluto’s key worked wonders. This led them to an enormous room is constructed as a set of concentric, rectangular terraces descending in 10-foot increments to a floor 40 feet below the entrance. Each level was guarded by its own set of monsters some of which were water born because the level itself was water bound.

It was only when they reached the lowest level that they became aware of the exit. It led them to two locked doors about 60’ apart and through the second of which they came toa beautiful chamber with a halfling, who identified himself as Quesnel, living a life of luxurious loneliness here. He claimed he had been tricked by Kerpatis into keeping watch here for ‘just a little while.’ Of course, what is a ‘little while’ to someone rumored to be over 1,000 years old. The conversation was pleasant until they noticed a sword, a very large two handed sword hanging above the door through which they had entered. It was at that point that Quesnel became agitated and disappeared. When the sword began to move, the party became anxious and took action. An entangle spell was cast and eventually dispelled and Quesnel was gone, leaving behind the beautiful furnishings and the sword.

An examination of the weapon suggested that it was a sentient blade with some rather nasty powers. The very nearness of it set Byrker’s senses off. Neither he nor Styvesandt would go near it. Aely was none too fond of it either. Kaywen continued to ponder its nature, tried to recall its history, but only got that it was a superior magical weapon with checked past and a huge ego. A search of the room did reveal a mahogany case which fit the sword perfectly, It was thought best to get the sword, which they figured was the legendary Blackrazor, in the case, though the sword disagreed, for safe keeping. There being no other way to go, they decided to backtrack and return to Etrusca for another riddle.

Chapter Six: Rebuilding Farshore

Part One: The Aftermath of the Pirate Attack

Harvester CY 612

For the next two weeks, The Party took some well deserved time off, a vacation of sorts.
The colony began the slow recovery process. Those who had perished were properly honored and interred in the cemetery. Before anything was done with the remains of Vanthus, Aely held an inquisition of his spirit in which she learned some things of interest about his motivations and how he had gotten the Crimson Fleet involved in all of this. Eventually Lavinia saw to the ‘disposal’ of Vanthus’ remains. They also came into possession of the log book from a captured ship, the Brine Harlot, and an old map depicting the location of some place called White Plume Mountain. The map rang a bell but they were not sure why. Vesserine Catherly asked if they had come across Noltus Immersol,a cleric of Pelor. He told of this fellow’s arrival and departure to and from Farshore some time ago.

In putting the colony back together, all agreed that is was necessary to improve the economy by all means possible. Lavinia felt urgency in this matter since Manthalay Meravanichi was ready to demand another vote for Mayor. He felt that the Vanderborens were cursed in some way and not to be trusted.

Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey, Styvesandt and Urol took a tour of the island of Temute to see what valuable they might find and to search for an idol that was supposedly hidden in an ancient Olman missing city. They did find the remains of the city, but instead of an ape idol they found some apes, some undead, a necklace with the symbol of Zagyg the Mad, and some Olman stones. Urol found many interesting and useful herbs, flora and fauna which could serve as either spell components or medicinal aids. In either case, there might be a market for them elsewhere. Kaywen helped Hervik Aldwattle improve his laboratory to better sue these materials. Since both were connected to the Witchwardens of Sasserine, this could prove profitable if trade routes could be established.

Harvester 24- 27, 612 In Fort Thunder

Aely, Kaywen, Kevrey, and Styvesandt took a teleport trip to Fort Thunder where they made some good contacts. They made a deal Sherrie Shapp of the Jewel Merchants in which she gave them the services of her assistant, Otis Ochs, who would move to Farshore to supervise the mining operations there. In return the profits would be split 60-40 in Sherrie’s favor over the next three years. They ‘attracted’ the head lumberman, Godfrey Hodgson, to Farshore to supervise the lumbering operations. They hoped that some sort of shipbuilding could also be started. Kaywen met with Horan and traded some artifacts for scrolls. He also visited the magic shop of Ruben of Redgrove and found it to be wanting in quality and quantity of components. Those which Aldwattle was now making could be shipped here.

The most interesting event occurred when they were invited to dine with Arn Galter in his mansion. Apparently Arn already knew Styvesandt, and he referred to him as ‘My Boy.’ He allowed Styvesandt to make the introductions. The young ranger introduced Aely as a cleric of Procan, Kevrey as their accountant and Kaywen as one ‘who makes things happen.’ After a lavish meal, Arn expressed serious interest in trade with Farshore, claiming that he had ways of shipping goods pretty much everywhere on Oerth very quickly. But, for the moment there was a problem. Some beings in the jungles were interfering with his regular trade with the peaceful natives. Kaywen expressed the party’s interest in looking into the matter. For the time being they left it at that.

Upon their return to Farshore, they were pleased to see that Byrker had reorganized the militia, and that Lefty had begun to train volunteers as sailors. The five had brought back some chain shirts for the militia and had ordered 25 more to be made in fort Thunder.

Patchwall, CY 612 Sasserine

Having set the ball rolling in Farshore, and made certain deals in Fort Thunder, it was now time to set their sights higher. Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, and Kevrey teleported to Sasserine where they visited a variety of merchants and began to establish trade agreements and routes based on the colony’s goods such as lumber, gems, fish, fruit, spell components and other such things.

They visited the Seekers Lodge to make inquiries about the map they had found. It was there that they saw a painting which depicted the Mountain of the White Plume. They were introduced to a fellow Seeker named Riikan Dack by Feldus Selvant, the head of the organization. He had been researching this for years. He showed them a poem which told of items of magic which he felt were located in this old mountain which was located in the very dangerous Bandits Lands. While he cautioned them about the dangers they might encounter there and the instability of the area now as it had fallen under some control of the forces of Iuz, he also offered them a significant some of gold if they recovered any of the items. A deal was struck in which he agreed to pay 5,000 gp for one specific item and he had an open offer for the others if they were found and the party was willing to sell them.

Patchwall, mid month, CY 612 Farshore

The colony was making strides. Lavinia was still studying the journal, trying to make sense of the more obscure references, trying to locate the source of the >Black Pearls, and hoping to figure out just who were these Lords of Dread that both the journal and her brother’s spirit had told of. . She was also hopeful that the changes being made would attract more colonists and was preparing to travel back to Sasserine to do just that.

Meanwhile, Aely, Byrker, Kaywen, Kevrey began considering and planning a trip to the Bandits Lands and the Mountain of the White Plume. Hey discussed which city to arrive in, how they might get there, and what precautions they should take. Eventually they asked Styvesandt to accompany them. It was at this point that the range made an intrigue assertion. He said very calmly to Aely, “You get us back to Fort Thunder and I can get us to the mountain safely.” He seemed rather confident in his statement

Chapter Five: The Defense of Farshore - Part Six
Part Six: The Battle for Farshore

Part Six: The Battle for Farshore

15th Harvester, 612, Farshore

At about mid-day, Styvesandt’s bird returned from its route. After some consultation with its master, Styvesandt reported that it had spotted a fleet of ships off the northeast coast of the isle of Temute. From what the bird could tell, they sported pirate flags. It seemed the attack was imminent as that distance could be covered in a day, no more than two.

16th Harvester, 612, Farshore: Midnite

Kaywen decided to scout out the fleet. He summoned a phantom steed and headed out alone in the dead of night. As he reached the northwest corner of the isle, he came face to face, well, within 800’ of what appeared to be the greatest fleet ever assembled. Undaunted, the lone mage decided to test the mettle of the foe. He fired a series of fireballs at the first ships he could see, setting the ablaze! Could he take out the fleet on his own? Well, not really, as his second fireball was met by a return fireball which set him ablaze to some extent. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, he beat as hasty a retreat as possible until his steed gave out and he had to walk. He arrived back in Farshore in the middle of the night. He had learned that the attack was very imminent and that the pirates had at least one mage of some repute.

16th Harvester, 612, Farshore: 6 AM

The rest of the party awoke well rested and ready to defend the colony. They heard the report from the bedraggled Kaywen and went quickly to their posts, as did the other colonists and helpers. From the north cliffs they looked out on the harbor and saw what they thought was the greatest fleet ever assembled minus a ship of two, maybe three. From most of these ships came longboats teeming with screaming pirates. When some of them arrived at the defensive wall, they started to head north and south. Soon a fireball came crashing into the center of the wall creating some cracks in it. Arrows rained down from the heights upon the pirates. It seemed a standoff as few of them could get to land safely . . . . and then four creatures emerged from the water having apparently walked along the bottom of the harbor as if out for a vacation. What colonist stood in their path were quickly and summarily swatted away and killed. Aely realized that the party must get down to battle these monsters.

She quickly teleported Byrker, Kevrey and Kaywen to the town right in front of the monsters, flesh golems, they realized. A long drawn out battle ensued as magic was of no use against these creations. At one point a pirate ran by setting off a flare. Moments later a fireball consumed them in midst of battle. But the golems went unscathed. Even Whyspurr came to their aid, joining in what he saw as fun. Kaywen could do little but watch and keep an eye on the progress of the other defenders. It took some time but eventually the golems were destroyed. They had but time to heal when the met a part of pirates who had breached the shore defenses. This battle proved easier and things seemed good until . . . . Kaywen had noticed that Styvesandt had been making his way down the cliffs towards the village.

Styvesandt reported good news. “We are holding our own on the north cliff. My archers are in good shape.”

“Any bad news?” asked Kaywen.

“Yes,” replied the ranger, “look.” And he pointed skyward where they saw three ominous demonic forms fly over them, too high to clearly identify or attack, but close enough to realize that Farshore was in even more danger; that some extra sinister forces were at work here. From Kaywen’s knowledge of the planes he knew them for what they were: vrocks! And with three of them they were especially dangerous.

Byrker took the lead and challenged them to come down and fight him. Two took up the challenge and before he knew what hit him, the bold knight was down. Meanwhile, Styvesandt’s bow took on new meaning as it proved to have some special affinity towards these evil outsiders. The lone vrock had tried to summon help but failed so it too joined in combat.

Aely quickly walked towards the fallen Byrker, laid hands upon him, whispered sweet nothings in his ear, and, PRESTO! – he arose as if he had only been sleeping. With Kaywen reduced to the role of keeping Byrker upright, they concentrated on one beast at a time as best they could. Unfortunately this allowed one to break away and actually summon help. But by the time help arrives, two were dead, so only two, yes, only two remained. The incredible battle continued which took almost all the six of them skills and daring to win, but win they did.

A sudden calm came over the colony. Was the battle over? Had they won? And then they heard a bone chilling voice boomed from the heavens, or the hells, calling “LAVINIA! – LAVINIA!” Following the sound they came to the open area near Manthalay Manor, where they saw Lavinia being spoken to a winged demonic human form hovering above her.

Lavinia spoke to it in askance, “Vanthus?” For, indeed, it was her brother, or what was once her brother, but now a hideous version of what had been her brother. The fiend spoke. “Come away with me. Sister. You know you hate this god forsaken place as much as I do.” Try as she could to resist, she soon found herself moving towards him in compliance. He turned his attention to the six who had arrived. “I am a reasonable man, or fiend, which ever you prefer. Why don’t you go back to the others. You can keep your colony. I will take my sister and leave.”

The others fought at this suggestion; only Kevrey thought it was a fair trade. Styvesandt’s bow flared up as he fired arrow after unswerving arrow at the fiend. Vanthus flew in and out attacking Byrker and any others who stood near him. They could only resort to readying for his attack and getting in little hits where they could. But Styvesandt’s bow kept pelting the fiend again and again. Finally the little nicks added up. With his dying breath, Vanthus cursed them and produced a black pearl from his pouch. Dripping what was left of his life’s blood upon it, he let it fall slowly, agonizingly slowly, towards the ground. Aley tried to catch it, but missed. Byrker, exhausted from all he had been through, reached out for it, but missed as well. It remained for little Whyspurr, the boy among men, to try to grab the cursed thing before it hit the ground and set off god knows what. He managed to grab it just before it hit the ground, then turned away and tossed it in the air, “Look what I got! A Pearl. A real pearl!” Little did he know what dangerous future held in his palm. Meanwhile more of Styvesandt’s arrowed flew into Vanthus and the fiend lay dead.

Once they convinced Whyspurr of the importance of the item and offered him something in trade did he relinquish his prize. The Jade Ravens arrived on the scene and reported that the fleet was in retreat, leaving one of their ships behind. The pearl was secured in a pouch, and the threat to Farshore was finally over. . . . at least for now.

Chapter Five: The Defense of Farshore - Part Five
Recovering the Sea Wyvern

Part Five: Recovering the Sea Wyvern

1st – 10 Harvester, 612, Off the Isle of Dread

Aely, Byrker and Kaywen took the Hellfish, the pirate ship they had captured, to go after the lost Sea Wyvern knowing that time was running out. They would have to be back in less than two weeks to be in Farshore in time because who knew for sure when the invasion by the Crimson Fleet would really occur? And, what about the Scarlet Brotherhood? . . .

. . . . it took about four days to get back to where their once proud ship now rested, on a reef just offshore from the northeastern coast of the Isle of Dread. It did not help the situation to find that the wrecked ship had become the new home of Skephilipika, a kopru druid and his companion elasmosaurus, Bloodtooth. Once again Kaywen’s Jungle Razor came in handy. With the help of Urol’s spell wood shape, and Aely’s make whole the work on the nine missing sections of the hull went quicker than normal. A work crew led by the village carpenter, Denrys, felled three large trees to replace the lost masts. As soon as the Sea Wyvern was sea worthy, they set sail for Farshore.

11th Harvester, 612, Farshore

The Party had some time, no one knew for sure exactly how much, to make some last minute defensive adjustment. Local Captain Kabanja and his now better trained militia would maintain a rallying point at the eastern docks. The Jade Ravens were tasked with holding the western promontory along with some villagers and buckets of oil and fire. Vesserin Catherly and Telda the Apothecary would keep the chapel as a makeshift hospital. Whyspurr would help them as well as supervise the local female population in a bucket brigade in the likely event of fires. Even Manthalay Meravanchi pitched in. He and some volunteers would guard the rear entrance to the colony and he volunteered his nephew Avner and his horse to serve as a means of communication between the various defense points.

Meanwhile the Party would take to the eastern heights along with Styvesandt and his archers. Aely created a Wall of Stone which served to almost close off the inner harbor. While the wall looked foreboding it was rather thin. The Sea Wyvern and the Hellfish were stationed parallel to it within the harbor. Styvesandt had released his wolf companion in favor of a large eagle. This creature, along with Aely’s summoned dire flier made regular distant flights in the hope of seeing the fleet approach from the northeast.

They were ready; they waited. . . . . .

Chapter Five: The Defense of Farshore - Part Four
Returning to Farshore

12th Goodmonth, CY 612, Temple of the Jaguar (cont.)

As the PARTY pondered this for a moment, Styvesandt poked whomever he was closest to, noting the right shoulders of two of the men. There appeared to be a scarlet droplet tattooed on each. . . . .

. . . .. . . and before anyone could really do anything, Styvesandt let out a blood curdling scream and attack the nearest of these intruders. The others, trusting in his judgment or lack thereof, joined in the battle. It took a while but they managed to kill the four intruders. Afterwards, Styvesandt explained that the scarlet blood drop tattoo identified them as members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a rather evil organization that had been growing in influence, so much so that they had representatives in the free City of Greyhawk. To him, they were pure evil and must be dispatched without mercy. He added that his father had told him about them.

With the cache of rakastas’ weaponry in their possession, it was decided to return to Farshore. Aely teleported the weapons back to the colony and she, Aely, Kaywen, Byrker, Styvesandt, and Whyspurr headed back to the phantom village to check on things. They found that the Phanatons had been very diligent in gathering tar from the picks and had been busy fashioning sleds to drag the tar filled buckets to the water and to float them to Farshore. Leaving them to their work, Aely teleported the party back to the colony.

15th – 21st Goodmonth, CY 612, Farshore

The colony seemed in good health and the Council had set the date for the election of the Mayor. Avner had been campaigning for his uncle, but was really not very good at it. Both Aely and Byrker set their sights on using their diplomatic powers to sway the undecided voters towards Lavinia. Byrker went door to door while Aely made weekly speeches highly what Lavina had done for the colony with and since her return. Kaywen and Urol cleared some area east of the village to plant some fruit trees which would improve the economy of the colony. In so doing they had to deal with and eliminate some troglodytes that lived there. By election day they all had done enough to get her elected.

That was all well and fine, but there was still the matter of the impeding, and unexplained, attack by the Crimson Fleet. Aely and Kaywen would go to Sasserine to cash in much of their loot and to then purchase items which would aid in the defense.

22nd – 28th Goodmonth, CY 612 Sasserine and Farshore

Aely somehow got herself and Kaywen to Sasserine. There, they contacted various organizations such as the Witchwardens (Mages’ Guild), the Azure Cathedral, the Temple of Wee Jas, and the Shipwright’s Guildhall where they traded in and bought what they hoped would be useful items. The main material purchase was that of sails for the Sea Wyvern once they salvaged her. They were also able to obtain to siege engines. Aely tried to locate Harlis Javell, that member of the Crimson Fleet they had encountered in Kraken’s Cove in the month of Readying, in the hope that she might know why these pirates were coming to Farshore, but she was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile back in Farshore, Bryker and Styvesandt continued to recruit and train colonists for the militia as well and welcome natives and Phanatons who eventually arrived to help the colony. More watchtowers were built to aid in the defense as well.

With maybe two weeks to go before the ‘rumored’ attack, preparations appeared to be going well.

Chapter Five: The Defense of Farshore - Part Three
To the Tar Pits

Part Three: To the Tar Pits

6th Goodmonth, CY 612

The PARTY made their way to the tar pits to make them safe for harvesting. They found the tar already being ‘harvested’ by some odd creatures, looking like crosses between raccoons and monkeys. These creatures seemed harmless and spoke some animal like language. They also saw the real threat in the form of Temauhti-Tecuani, an incredible tyrannosaurus, which was menacing them. It was joined by some flying creatures, Pteranodons. The T-Rex was attacked by the ever noble Byrker, but he was seen as a mere morsel and swallowed whole by the beast. While it tried to digest him, Kaywen fashioned some sort of razor wheel which cut in to the monster and Aely and Kevrey took it on front and back. Meanwhile, Styvesandt took down the flying creatures. Eventually the T-Rex was felled, Byrker was released, and the monster was butchered. The PARTY became instant heroes to the phanatons who invited them to their village for a feast.

9th Goodmonth, CY 612,/B>

In the phanaton village, after some successful diplomacy by Byrker and Styvesandt, the phanaton chief, Teketec, told of the Temple of the Jaguar where the cat people, perhaps rakastas, once lived. He told of a possible cache of arms there and offered two of his tribe to serve as guides. He also agreed to gather tar and send some tribesmen to aid in the defense of Farshore.

12th Goodmonth, CY 612, Temple of the Jaguar

The two phantom guides got them to the outskirts fo the temple. It was within deep jungle foliage and surrounded by a vine covered stone wall. Entering via the only path, Aely encountered an amorous giant anaconda which had a bit of a crush on her, but then developed and even stronger one for good old Byrker. Eventually they got a very large snakeskin for the efforts. Deep beneath the ruins they met the Tonatiuh, ‘one who is true to good,’ who, once convinced of the goodness of their cause, offered many fine weapons for the upcoming defense of Farshore. These weapons had been made by his people, the rakastas, to defend against those he called skinwalkers, who dwell in the central plateau region, but the attack came too swiftly and without warning. The rakastas were destroyed. He also left behind three magical feathers before taking his leave.

In an odd bit of pique, they got into an argument about what to do with statues that they had found in the hallways leading down here. Some thought they should be looted, others thought they should be left behind, that these weapons were what they had come for. As their voices rose, they did not hear the approach of some others – four human: three men, one woman. The woman spoke, “So sorry to interrupt your dispute, but I am so glad to see you have recovered our weapons for us. Why don’t you make out lives easier and just carry them out into the courtyard and we’ll take them off of your hands?”

As the PARTY pondered this for a moment, Styvesandt poked whomever he was closest to, noting the right shoulders of two of the men. There appeared to be a scarlet droplet tattooed on each. . . . .

Chapter Five: In Defense of Farshore

Part Two: Back to the Isle of Dread

22nd Reaping, CY612

The Party made plans to improve the defense of Farshore. The time had come for actions, delegation of authority, and to get a move on. The clock was ticking. . . tick . . . tick . . . . . tick . . . . .

And, Avner Meravanchi could be heard in the streets of Farshore campaigning for his uncle Manthalay in the upcoming election for Lord Mayor. Lavinia is the other candidate. In the streets people were beginning to talk. Current odds had the colonists divided about 30% for each candidate with the rest in the ever popular undecided category.

Aely set out to change that with some rousing speeches. First see attempted to recruit more bodies to the militia. Second she worked with Vesserin Catherly to restore the faith of the faithful and the overall usefulness of the chapel. Meanwhile, Byrker and Styvesandt set about training the militia in the use of the better arms and bows that they had recovered from the Yuan-Ti back on the Isle of Dread. Kaywen used his knowledge of architecture to plan certain fortification improvements and gathered a work crew to start on some projects, particularly improving the palisades. Kevrey used his accounting skill to pour over the financial record of Farshore. While thing seemed on the up and up, there were two areas of note. One, the harvesting of bananas from the nearby forest had stopped some months back with no apparent explanation. Two, he discovered another ‘local legend,’ this of a missing Kawibusas tribe of Olmans that supposedly once lived on the same island, that of Temute, as Farshore.

At night they gathered with the colonial leaders to take stock of their progress and to work on supply needs from Sasserine.

28th Reaping, CY 612

After the first week, with some things being done in their absence the Party decided to go to the Isle of Dread to attempt to rally the Olman tribes to their cause. The reception in the Village of Mara was neutral but the chief did send his Number 1 son with them to the Village of Tanora. As they got there they found the tribe in the midst of a strange ritual, one involving a bat totem, a flaming pyre and a group chant to Zotzilaha. As the ceremony reached a crescendo, the effigy burst into flame accompanied by minor volcanic eruptions from the nearby mountains, and an attack on the villagers by fire bats. The Party dealt with the bats and calmed the natives. The chief, J’kal, thanked them for what was their second favor. She expressed sympathy for the upcoming pirate attack but was reluctant to send any warriors at the present time since the village had more serious problems. Divination spells had suggested that the bat idol from a cave in one of the volcanoes had gone missing and Zotzilaha was very displeased. As this was being explained Aely realized that she had this idol in her bag of holding, that they had found it somewhere along their trek southward on the Isle. They agreed to look into the matter. Byrker wondered how the idol had gone from its proper place to wherever the Party had found it?

2nd Goodmonth, CY 612

Aely, Kaywen, Bryker, Kevrey, and Styvesandt found the shrine in the cave and replaced the idol. An Aspect of Zotzilaha appeared and rewarded each member for his/her efforts. Byrker got a flame tongue long sword, Kevrey a ring of invisibility, Kaywen a pearl of power,Aely a stone of good luck, and Styvesandt an amulet of natural armor. They also obtained a rolled up strip of leather which contained a long, thin fang. Back outside they made camp with the plan to head to back to Tanoroa to report their success.

4th Goodmonth, CY 612

Back at Tanoroa Chief J’kal was delighted and agreed to send some of her men to help defend Farshore. By doing so, she effectively set the precedent for the other six tribes to follow suit. When the Party mentioned the tar pits they were told that travel had become dangerous recently as a huge beast, one they call Temauhti-tecuani, was menacing the area. They were also told of the little creatures, the phanatons, who lived near there. The old saying, ‘Two birds with one shot’ came to mind as they made plans to head there next.


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