It all began with a simple invitation:

Greetings, and I trust this missive finds you in good health.

My name is Lavinia Vanderboren, and I humbly request your attendance at dinner my estate on Festival Street and Blue Skink Lane tomorrow evening. I think that I can present you with an opportunity uniquely suited to your skills. Please inform the carrier of this letter of your response to this invitation, and I hope to be speaking to you soon.

Lavinia Vanderboren

But what would follow would be anything but.

The note was personally delivered to the characters, wherever they are in Sasserine, by a wizened looking Halfling woman, who identified herself only as Kora. The adventure path begins with this note.

Savage Tide is an adventure path set in the World of Greyhawk™, originally published in Dragon Magazine™ issues 139-150. This campaign uses D&D 3.5 rule set with a few homemade JJ Hero type exceptions.


PCs are by their very nature ‘heroes’ so they start their adventuring career with certain perks. Other perks might be gained along the way.

PCs start at level ONE with Max gold per PC class. However, to give each a fair chance of reaching level TWO, they begin with max HP for level 1 & 2 combined. After that, level 3 and beyond, 3/4 max + Con bonus is added if there is one.

Only standard races, PHB and ‘complete’ books. The aquatic elf and the new Channeler class are exceptions to this rule.

If the PC has been in Sasserine for at least ONE year, he would have one of the District Feats as a free feat. If the PC is new to the region, he can gain one, depending on where he has done his most adventuring, at Level 4. [One exception: Merchant’s Tongue.]

All PCs MUST have a profession, either one at which they worked, or one from their family history, whatever. To aid in this, all PCs receive THREE BONUS skill points at creation time which MUST go into Profession. PCs may also use some of their regular skill point in Profession, this one or another one, but they must have at least THREE skill points, these FREE ones, in a Profession.

At 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th levels, along with boosting one stat one point, there is the potential to retool the PC, within reason, maybe switching a feat, readjusting skill points, as the PC might be moving in new direction(s).

Possible purchasing swapping, and/or creation of minor magic such as scrolls and potions, assuming they are available.

Most other magic items can only be gained by discovery, theft, as spoils of combat, or rewards. But there could be the swap possibility for them depending on availability.

Healing scroll and potions, since they are of equal monetary value, have an equal and max effect.

Potions of level 2, 3, & 4, have the option of multiple doses, so a cure mod has 2 doses of 8 points of healing, no bonus. Spells on scrolls vanish when read or transcribed so are ‘consumed’ all at once.


Spontaneous casting. As noted in the PHB, a cleric can spontaneously cast healing spells, swapping out a prayed for spell to cast cure light wounds, for example. I take this one minor step further. Once a spell caster has used a particular 1st level spell frequently, and is capable of casting 2nd level spells, he may spontaneously cast the frequently used first level spell by swapping out a memorized first level spell. Magic missile is a likely example. There is the possibility that this could be extended on a trial basis to frequently used 2nd level spells when the time comes.

Spells eventually have minimum effects. Take magic missilefor example. For 1st level spells when cast by a third level caster, it does auto Max on the 1st die, so here 5, plus 1d[?], meaning that the magic missile of the 3rd level caster must do a minimum of 5 + 1d4 1=7, 10 max; by a 5th level caster 10 + 2 = 12 minimum/15 maximum. The last die is always rolled, however, even if the spell level has reached its limit. MM by a 15th level caster does 20 + 1d41. This applies to all similar 1st level spells and will be experimented with on a trial basis with second level spells when the time comes.

Savage Tide

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