Savage Tide

Chapter Five: In Defense of Farshore

Part Two: Back to the Isle of Dread

22nd Reaping, CY612

The Party made plans to improve the defense of Farshore. The time had come for actions, delegation of authority, and to get a move on. The clock was ticking. . . tick . . . tick . . . . . tick . . . . .

And, Avner Meravanchi could be heard in the streets of Farshore campaigning for his uncle Manthalay in the upcoming election for Lord Mayor. Lavinia is the other candidate. In the streets people were beginning to talk. Current odds had the colonists divided about 30% for each candidate with the rest in the ever popular undecided category.

Aely set out to change that with some rousing speeches. First see attempted to recruit more bodies to the militia. Second she worked with Vesserin Catherly to restore the faith of the faithful and the overall usefulness of the chapel. Meanwhile, Byrker and Styvesandt set about training the militia in the use of the better arms and bows that they had recovered from the Yuan-Ti back on the Isle of Dread. Kaywen used his knowledge of architecture to plan certain fortification improvements and gathered a work crew to start on some projects, particularly improving the palisades. Kevrey used his accounting skill to pour over the financial record of Farshore. While thing seemed on the up and up, there were two areas of note. One, the harvesting of bananas from the nearby forest had stopped some months back with no apparent explanation. Two, he discovered another ‘local legend,’ this of a missing Kawibusas tribe of Olmans that supposedly once lived on the same island, that of Temute, as Farshore.

At night they gathered with the colonial leaders to take stock of their progress and to work on supply needs from Sasserine.

28th Reaping, CY 612

After the first week, with some things being done in their absence the Party decided to go to the Isle of Dread to attempt to rally the Olman tribes to their cause. The reception in the Village of Mara was neutral but the chief did send his Number 1 son with them to the Village of Tanora. As they got there they found the tribe in the midst of a strange ritual, one involving a bat totem, a flaming pyre and a group chant to Zotzilaha. As the ceremony reached a crescendo, the effigy burst into flame accompanied by minor volcanic eruptions from the nearby mountains, and an attack on the villagers by fire bats. The Party dealt with the bats and calmed the natives. The chief, J’kal, thanked them for what was their second favor. She expressed sympathy for the upcoming pirate attack but was reluctant to send any warriors at the present time since the village had more serious problems. Divination spells had suggested that the bat idol from a cave in one of the volcanoes had gone missing and Zotzilaha was very displeased. As this was being explained Aely realized that she had this idol in her bag of holding, that they had found it somewhere along their trek southward on the Isle. They agreed to look into the matter. Byrker wondered how the idol had gone from its proper place to wherever the Party had found it?

2nd Goodmonth, CY 612

Aely, Kaywen, Bryker, Kevrey, and Styvesandt found the shrine in the cave and replaced the idol. An Aspect of Zotzilaha appeared and rewarded each member for his/her efforts. Byrker got a flame tongue long sword, Kevrey a ring of invisibility, Kaywen a pearl of power,Aely a stone of good luck, and Styvesandt an amulet of natural armor. They also obtained a rolled up strip of leather which contained a long, thin fang. Back outside they made camp with the plan to head to back to Tanoroa to report their success.

4th Goodmonth, CY 612

Back at Tanoroa Chief J’kal was delighted and agreed to send some of her men to help defend Farshore. By doing so, she effectively set the precedent for the other six tribes to follow suit. When the Party mentioned the tar pits they were told that travel had become dangerous recently as a huge beast, one they call Temauhti-tecuani, was menacing the area. They were also told of the little creatures, the phanatons, who lived near there. The old saying, ‘Two birds with one shot’ came to mind as they made plans to head there next.



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