Savage Tide

Chapter Five: The Defense of Farshore - Part Five

Recovering the Sea Wyvern

Part Five: Recovering the Sea Wyvern

1st – 10 Harvester, 612, Off the Isle of Dread

Aely, Byrker and Kaywen took the Hellfish, the pirate ship they had captured, to go after the lost Sea Wyvern knowing that time was running out. They would have to be back in less than two weeks to be in Farshore in time because who knew for sure when the invasion by the Crimson Fleet would really occur? And, what about the Scarlet Brotherhood? . . .

. . . . it took about four days to get back to where their once proud ship now rested, on a reef just offshore from the northeastern coast of the Isle of Dread. It did not help the situation to find that the wrecked ship had become the new home of Skephilipika, a kopru druid and his companion elasmosaurus, Bloodtooth. Once again Kaywen’s Jungle Razor came in handy. With the help of Urol’s spell wood shape, and Aely’s make whole the work on the nine missing sections of the hull went quicker than normal. A work crew led by the village carpenter, Denrys, felled three large trees to replace the lost masts. As soon as the Sea Wyvern was sea worthy, they set sail for Farshore.

11th Harvester, 612, Farshore

The Party had some time, no one knew for sure exactly how much, to make some last minute defensive adjustment. Local Captain Kabanja and his now better trained militia would maintain a rallying point at the eastern docks. The Jade Ravens were tasked with holding the western promontory along with some villagers and buckets of oil and fire. Vesserin Catherly and Telda the Apothecary would keep the chapel as a makeshift hospital. Whyspurr would help them as well as supervise the local female population in a bucket brigade in the likely event of fires. Even Manthalay Meravanchi pitched in. He and some volunteers would guard the rear entrance to the colony and he volunteered his nephew Avner and his horse to serve as a means of communication between the various defense points.

Meanwhile the Party would take to the eastern heights along with Styvesandt and his archers. Aely created a Wall of Stone which served to almost close off the inner harbor. While the wall looked foreboding it was rather thin. The Sea Wyvern and the Hellfish were stationed parallel to it within the harbor. Styvesandt had released his wolf companion in favor of a large eagle. This creature, along with Aely’s summoned dire flier made regular distant flights in the hope of seeing the fleet approach from the northeast.

They were ready; they waited. . . . . .


Now to play the most dangerous game… the waiting game.


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